About Us

We believe that the right to safe beauty belongs to everyone.

PrettyStick Beauty = Pretty Without The Poison

With two decades of education and experience in the Health and Beauty field, we have chosen a huge catalog of exclusively safe and high quality products. Products that do what they say they're going to do and that keep you safe and beautiful while they do it!

The ingredients of every item on our site are carefully screened to meet our strict standards. Products with known carcinogens, neuro-disrupters or any ingredients known to undermine health in any way will NOT make the cut. You are safe getting gorgeous with us, always.

"Having done nutritional counseling for years, I can tell you that changing over to safe and natural beauty products is the least painful and most rewarding lifestyle change a person can make"

- Lari Seltzer

At PrettyStick , you can feel confident to exercise your right to safe beauty.