How to be a natural beauty
As the owner of a natural health and beauty store, I frequently get asked about how to be a natural beauty - mostly from "Un-natural" beauties. 

Sometimes when women are accustomed to their routines with toxic products, they're pretty reluctant to try natural alternatives. I actually had a customer tell me once that she knew her eye cream was filled with dangerous chemicals but she felt like it worked, so....."they're gonna have to pry it out of my cold dead hands" (here are some very effective and safe eye creams). There is an inaccurate perception out there that natural products don't have the efficacy of their poisonous counterparts. I'll admit, this may have been true ten years ago.....maybe even five, but NOT anymore. Now, it goes without saying that the most effective ways to stay young and beautiful forever start with what you do (and DON'T) put in your kitchen and medicine cabinet......but natural beauty products have come a long way and easily compete with and surpass their chemical predecessors. 

Here's a simple recipe for how to be a natural beauty:

  1. Eat organic foods: focus towards veggies and clean proteins and away from sugars and grains and processed foods
  2. Drink lots of clean water
  3. Create an excellent supplement routine
  4. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin each morning and each night
  5. Only wash your hair 2x/week
  6. Use high quality sunscreen and apply when expecting sun exposure, do NOT rely on SPF makeup or moisturizers
  7. Take good care of your teeth
  8. Exercise every day .......even for 5 minutes
  9. Choose the perfect foundation makeup pieces
  10. Highlight your features with natural makeup