Makeup Makeover

We all love a good makeover now and again, and your makeup drawer needs one too.

Steps to a good makeup makeover:

  1. First and foremost, grit your teeth and throw away any aged makeup. I know we all hold our makeup near and dear ........but makeup, just like foods, expire and get dangerously spoiled and /or "over-cootied".

  2. Replace your makeup with clean green choices. You don't need hundreds of pieces of makeup. A few high quality, natural choices will be all you'll need.

    You will need for the perfect green makeup makeover:

    - a primer
    - a concealer
    - a foundation or tinted moisturizer
    - a blush or stain (multi-taskers are great)
    - an eyeliner (liquid or pencil)
    - three eye shadows
      (a light color for under brow bone, a mid tone and a deep color for crease & lashline)
    - a mascara (remember, this needs to be replaced every 3-6 months)
    - a lip liner
    - a lip conditioner
    - three lipsticks
      (a neutral, a mid tone pink or peach, a deep color)
    - a neutral lip gloss 

    Other possible additions:

    - a brow pencil or brow gel
    - a highlighter
    - a bronzer