Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial

To create a beautiful, clean, natural look for eyes, try this pattern:

  1. Press out any creases around the eye with concealer. Make sure the entire area around the eye is completely smooth so you don’t create the look of wrinkles. We recommend Vapour concealer in a shade that matches or is just a tad lighter than you skin tone.

  2. Apply Fall Out Powder – Use loose translucent powder (recommend Dr. Haushka) and pack under the eyes and the entire cheek bone area. This will catch any loose eye shadow.

  3. Highlight – Press and push in a white highlighter shadow (Zuii White Diamond or Zuzu Platnum) with a flat brush (Bdellium #775), sweeping from side to side on the upper brow bone and inner lid, do not use highlighter on lid base (the part that closes over your eye).

  4. Light shade all over lid – Use a shade or two darker than highlighter on lid only (the part that covers your eye, do not put it in the crease area) with a shadow brush (Bdellium #777). For a truly natural, feminine look we recommend Zuii Mustard, Zuzu Eternity or Dr. Haushka 01.

  5. Darker shade in outer corner of lid – With your shadow brush pack color on lip and stop at the pupil (covering only half your lid) and DO NOT go up past the crease. For a natural look or for a bride, we recommend a medium brown color (Zuii Fudge, Zuzu Eternity, or Dr. Haushka 02). Pack it into the crease with a fine pencil blender (Bedellium #785) or crease brush (Bdellium # 781).

  6. Blend! Using a clean brush (Bdellium #785) in circular motions up towards the pupil, up to the crease but not much past it and back again, a lot. 

  7. Eyeliner – With an angled brush (Bdellium # 762) apply a black or dark brown shadow color as a liner on lid (Zuii Black Diamond, Zuzu Espresso, or Dr. Haushka 04). Start with pointed end of brush facing outer corner of eye and make a large, clean line. Turn pointed end towards inner eye and make a thin line to connect the lines. Now apply a layer of shadow to the water line under your eye.

  8. Dust Away Fall Out – May need to use a Q-Tip to twist & roll away any smudges under the eye. Smooth out the look.