Organic Products
There's a lot of talk about organic products these days. Sometimes, when we hear a word or a phrase frequently .....it actually starts to lose some of its impact. Unfortunately, I think that might be what's happening with the term "organic products" and "organic" in general. We hear it every day, we see labels change to reflect the trend .......but may not quite be understanding its eminent importance. Sadly, decades ago, legislation was passed that forced organics, but NOT toxics, to go through a certification and labeling process. This enabled  the food and beauty industries to formulate products that were (& still are) chocked full of horrifying chemicals, fillers, heavy metals and un-imagine-ibles without sharing that information with the consumer. 

Once upon a time, organic products were all that was available .......now-a-days, a consumer has to be a full time investigator to find natural and organic products in the market place.

At PrettyStick Beauty, we do all of the work for you. If its available on our site, it is safe for you. We believe whole heartedly in organic products and we're happy to do the research to find them for you.