Safe Cosmetics

How important is it to find safe cosmetics?

Well, that's a loaded question I suppose.

If you use cosmetics (and you do), obviously, you need to use the safe ones!


What we need to explore is what the term "safe cosmetics" means.

We need to learn what the un safe cosmetics are and we need to learn why most conventional cosmetics are not safe.
How un safe cosmetics are legal, no one has a pretty answer to.  It appears that big business, as is so often the case, has once again trumped public safety.

I hope that someday, such governing behaviors change but I am NOT holding my breath.  Instead, I will just spend my days seeking out safe cosmetic alternatives.  That is how PrettyStick Beauty and prettystickbeauty.com began.

What are safe cosmetics?

Safe Cosmetics are cosmetics that are made from safe and natural ingredients. This doesn't mean products with beige colored packaging or with a picture of a flower on the front.... or even packaging that says the word natural on it. Safe Cosmetics truly means products that are comprised of entirely safe and natural ingredients.

What are UN safe cosmetics?

UN safe cosmetics are cosmetics that are composed of toxic ingredients.

How are they toxic, what will they do to you?

These toxic ingredients (& yes, they're in basically all conventional department store and drug store cosmetics) will increase your risk of cancer, disrupt your nervous system, encourage auto immune disorders, increase mood issues and depression, increase anxiety, on and on and even encourage weight gain!!!!!!!!


How did this happen? Who let this happen? We could complain until we are blue in the face and we will probably not get any satisfying answers.


We can make sure that we ourselves have safe cosmetics.
We can make choices of exclusively safe cosmetics.


We can contact legislators, join the EWG and work to affect change.

* click here for a list of some of the toxic ingredients commonly found in conventional cosmetics